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Welcome to the LBL Wiki

This wiki will serve as a knowledge base for the LBL universe. The aim is not to store articles here, but provide information about clubs and leagues, should LBL members need sources for writing and expanding our history.

How to use the Wiki?

First make sure that you have proper permissions to edit pages. Just like mediaWiki (the CMS that Wikipedia runs on), if you set up a link for a page which doesn’t exist, you can create content by just clicking on the link. The YadaWiki plugin let’s you add content without having to learn the Markup language mediaWiki uses.

What to do and what not to do?

You should take care of your content. If you have a club page, keep it updated. Add names, information, dates. Try to convert your stories into valuable and informative wiki content. You can create pages for important people in your club’s front office or legendary players on your roster or Hall of Fame.

You shouldn’t play around with content you are not responsible for. Don’t edit pages of other clubs. Don’t let your club’s page be outdated and don’t simply copy/paste your stories or writing prompts.


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