LBL Board Announced

After over 1000 messages worth of discussion in the last couple weeks, I’ve appointed the official Legacy Baseball League Board. These individuals–each talented and committed to the league vision, will be the first-ever LBL Board. They will lead the Founding Committee in guiding and shaping the LBL, voting on new members and each item of the League Constitution. The appointed Board members are as follows:

Steve –Michigan

Scott “Snowman” R. –Alabama

Martin P. –Netherlands

Brendan H –Colorado

Drew D. –Texas

Congrats to the new Board members. Future members of the Board will be elected by the GMs and ratified by the Commissioner.

Remember, Founding Committee Members still have a significant voice in the shaping of the League. From this moment on, all published Founding Committee Members are the only individuals that may propose constitutional articles, which the Board will ratify. Founding Committee members who actively contribute to the league development will also receive preferential points on their applications to start a team when the league launches.

Phase II is upon us, fellow baseball nuts! Time to get to work.


League Commissioner

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