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Welcome to the Legacy Baseball League!

This league is in the very early stages of development. We are currently recruiting a team of passionate writers, baseball enthusiasts, and history nuts to compose an alternate version of baseball history in the United States.

For those of us viewing from forums outside OOTP, this league is a fantasy baseball simulation league, with the PC game “Out of the Park Baseball” (OOTP) as a medium. OOTP is an incredibly intricate, engaging, immersive, and customizable baseball league simulation engine. Think of it as a combination of Fantasy Baseball and a Role Playing Game.

What makes this league different?

If you’re familiar with OOTP, you know that there are hundreds of leagues to choose from–and historical leagues rise and fall each month.

See our core philosophy here. We are a community of baseball nuts/history dudes/enthusiastic writers looking to share a collaborative community.

What makes this league unique is the scope of the project, the selective nature of the Board, the focus on writing, role playing, and immersion, and passion of the administrative team. This is the pet project of many passionate, talented, and experienced writers looking to use this wonderful baseball simulation game as a medium for their many interests and hobbies.

How do I join?

This league is open to players of all levels of experience–whether you’ve never played a single season of OOTP, or you’ve been playing for 20 years.

For now, we are looking for all interested parties to join our slack channel and contribute to the formation of the league. Simply join the slack channel and introduce yourself on the forums–the more you participate in the project, the better your shot at managing a team!

I still have questions.

No problem at all. Shoot a message to @vish1990-2 on this website, or join the slack and look for @Andrew V.

History is in Your Hands.

I hope you’ll join us in this passion project. I look forward to creating with you.

-Andrew V, League Commissioner

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